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Point-of-Sales Training

At Banjo we know that training retail sales staff to sell your product and services can be challenging, especially in in-direct sales channels. Capturing the attention of sales staff, getting your message across and motivating sales staff to sell your product or service is critical to drive the sales you need.  

At Banjo we help brands drive sales by developing innovative Point-of-Sales Training Programs. We combine specialized dialog methodology with customized promotion content and use software tools to make Point-of-Sales training programs that truly engage sales staff.


Whether you need a completely new Point-of-Sales Training Program or improve an existing one, Banjo can help you.


Point-of-Sales Training Program

We have learned that successful POS Training Programs need to be designed to focus the attention of the sales staff on the product, make the sales staff understand the product and focus sales staff on how they should sell the product. At Banjo we have developed methods and tools that allow us to design powerful POS Training Programs for brands that help sales staff sell.  


Below you can read about how we do it

Attention on your Product

All sales staff need a clear and simple pitch to sell a product. Using the Banjo Dialog Methodology when training, the attention of the sales staff will be on understanding the product and how to sell it. 

At Banjo we help brands structure training material in a dialog form that significantly increases the attention of the sales staff

Promotion Material that Engages

In order to maximize the impact of a POS Training Program, a brand's promotion material should truly support the needs of the sales staff.

At Banjo we help brands develop, or adjust, promotion material so that it focuses sales staff on understanding and selling the product.

POS Software Tools

With a software tool for POS Training, you get easy content distribution to the field force, always up-to-date content in the field, and data to track performance.

At Banjo we provide software tools for POS Training Programs.


Contact us at sales@banjobrand.com if you need help with a Point-of-Sales Training Program


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